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Damp in older, solid walled properties is a common issue and one that often intimidates property buyers and owners. However, the majority of issues can often be attributed to the use of inappropriate modern materials that trap moisture and don’t allow the building to breath.

Our survey will address any damp issues which have been identified and suggest solutions, as well as determine if there are any areas that may be cause for concern in the future.  This will include the condition of all external areas, i.e. roof, walls, windows, guttering, drains, external ground levels and foliage etc., and examine internal contributing factors such as inappropriate use of materials, moisture generated from people, cooking, showers, etc. and how this affects humidity levels. 

Following the survey, we will provide a written report, detailing our inspection and findings, along with our recommendations for remedial action including suitable materials and methods to use and how to look after your property going forwards. Where requested we can also provide full costs for any recommended works so that you can plan future restoration work.

Our surveys are conducted in accordance with BS7913; (2013) Guide to the conservation of historic buildings. Our reports  will never recommend the insertion of chemicals in to a wall or the application of cement; both materials are inappropriate, unnecessary and cause irreversible damage to the walls they are applied to. So called ‘rising damp’ control systems serve only to mask problems. We do not use damp meters – they are unsuitable for measuring moisture in anything other than clean felled timber.

How long does a survey take?

It will depend on the size of the property and level of issues, but a 3 bed house would take around 3 hours.

When will I receive my written report?

We aim to provide the finished report within a week however this may be longer for larger properties. You will be given a date by which you will receive the report when you book a survey date.

How much will a report cost?

Report costs depend on the size of property and amount of traveling involved but expect to pay between £650 and £1500 for a full house written survey. A consultation only, with no written element will be considerable less.


Damp due to a combination of high external ground levels, cement render and gypsum plaster.

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