There is currently a national shortage of tradespeople with the appropriate skills to work on traditional solid walled properties. We hope to be able to provide practical, accessible training for those looking to work in the Heritage Sector.


We strongly believe that the opportunity to learn new skills should be open to everyone. That is why we offer a limited number of training bursary's for our Lime Courses.

carringtonLIME Training Skill's Bursary

To be eligible for a bursary you need to fall into the one of the following categories:

  • Full time student/apprentice

  • Unemployed

  • Sole trader currently working in the construction industry - Non-VAT registered

  • A woman either currently working in the construction industry or looking to start working in the construction industry.

  • Have a mental health condition

  • Have a disability

We want to promote diversity in the heritage construction industry, so we encourage applications from minority groups, women and those with disabilities. If you would like to discuss your eligibility, please contact Kate on

All applicants must provide a covering letter which demonstrates that they are:

  • Looking to gain the skills to work in the Heritage Industry

  • Have an interest in traditional and natural building techniques

You must also be a full time UK resident.

How much is the bursary for?

Bursarys will be for £120. The course attendee will be expected to top up the additional course fee.

What courses can I attend?

Your bursary can be used to attend any carringtonLIME organised course, subject to places being available. Any additional top up fee will need to be paid prior to the course date.

Find out if you are eligible for a training bursary.

Can I apply for more than one bursary?

Only one bursary will be available per person. 

Am I guaranteed to get a bursary if I meet the criteria?

The number of bursary's available is limited. Each application will be assessed so we ask for a covering letter explaining why you feel you should receive the bursary and how you will use your new skill.

How do I apply?

Download and complete the form below.  Send it along with a covering letter to Your covering letter should clearly show how you will use your new skills and why you feel you are eligible for a bursary. Priority will be given to those who would not financially be able to access training without the bursary.


Bursary places are funded by:

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