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Winter Prep

Many of you may be dreading the onset of the colder, wetter months, and not because it means you have to wear four layers, but because those damp spots in your home that have dried up over summer will start making an appearance. Here are a few things to check to find out the cause and hopefully rid your home of damp:

Guttering – ensure it is clear, secure and draining to an appropriate place

Rendering – check your render for any signs of cracking – cracks will draw in moisture which is likely to result in damp spots. A short term solution if you aren’t able to replace the render, is to fill the cracks with a lime mortar.

Ground levels – external ground levels should be approx. 6inchs lower than internal. Over time external levels are likely to rise. A French drain can be installed at a reasonable price which will ensure that soil/mud isn’t trapping moisture against the walls.

Roof tiles – check for loose or broken roof tiles

If you have concerns about damp do drop us an email for advice:


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