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Heritage Skills Bursaries for students, sole traders and unemployed

2020 hit us all hard. Many lost their jobs and students struggled to know where to go next. In all of this chaos the building industry was one of the few that was able to sustain business and for many building firms, even grow.

The Heritage building sector is one that is continuing to grow as people become more aware of the fact that older properties need to be maintained differently. Gloucestershire is lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful and historically significant buildings in the country yet the number of building professionals with Heritage skills is lacking and construction students aren’t taught traditional skills at college.

CarringtonLIME is a building restoration company based in the Forest of Dean. They have been working in the conservation of historical properties for over 20 years and more recently have been running restoration courses for both homeowners and trades people.

In a bid to help increase the number of tradespeople with the appropriate skills to work on historic properties, CarringtonLIME are launching a training bursary that will allow students, sole traders and the unemployed to apply for a bursary that can be used to attend one of their courses. Bursaries will be for £120 with any additional course amount being payable by the trainee. Courses are held in Cheltenham, Stroud and Chepstow and held throughout the year.

To find out more visit;


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